The Thermal imaging camera TIC-PM10 is an equipment belonging to the I group M1 category.
It has been designed to be used in hard environmental conditions in mining companies.
It can work in explosive atmosphere in underground mining plants:
– where there is no methane „a” explosion hazard,
– with methane “b” or “c” explosion hazard,
– with class A and B coal dust explosion hazard.
The device allows constant analysis of the surrounding, temperature anomaly detection, which, when diagnosed too late, can cause interruptions of production.
– controlling the heating of equipment, ventilation equipment,
– controlling the heating of the tape and components for conveyors when transporting excavated material,
– controlling machines (to detect overheating of components, bearings),
– thermal diagnostics of electric devices (such as transformers, cables, motors, pumps),
– searching for potential fire ignitions of coal dust and methane,
– detecting hot spots of deposits (prevention, while extracting coal),
– detecting anomalies of temperature (cold and warm places in the environment),
– helping rescuers involved in rescue operations.
– portable version of intrinsically safe infrared camera built for use in difficult environments found in mines,
– the camera can work in any concentration of methane,
– the camera has an EC Type Examination Certificate type examination certificate, TEST 15 ATEX 0022,
– the camera casing is made of plastic with high resistance to mechanical shock,
– the camera has a special sputtered layer on the optics window which protects it from scratches, e.g. by coal dust,
– infrared resolution 80×80, interpolated up to 240×240,
– thermal sensitivity ≤100mK,
– infrared field of view 23.3o,
– temperature measurement -20 … +350 ° C,
– long battery life (8 hours),
– operating temperature range -10 … + 40 ° C,
– compact dimensions of 208x115x60mm,
– low weight 0.55kg,
– increased degree of casing protection IP67,
– light, handy, and easy to use,
– stores in memory infrared photos of observed scenes,
– stores in memory images of observed scenes in visible light,
– allows to determine the temperature of the object viewed in any of its points,
– dedicated for services in ventilation, emergency, supervision in the mine and for less advanced users,
– dedicated communication software and camera control as well as viewing and analyzing images.
Datasheet TIC-PM10